Edolo (BS)
15 July – 8 September 2017

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The town of Edolo has once again opened its doors to young contemporary art, under the direction of Casa Testori
This is how Contexto 2017 was born, the third edition of the artistic event, on the occasion of which the artists, the route and the starting point were changed. In fact, the meeting point had moved to the Ferrovie Nord railway station, where the visitor was faced with a nice surprise: the splendid Liberty Building which, in all its splendour, welcomed the first of the 22 artists selected for the occasion. Along the route there were also monumental sculptures, installations, photographs, paintings, posters, shops to explore or admire from the windows. There were also three special projects, marked in green on the map, all dedicated to Edolo, its streets and buildings, its people and the people who live there.


Marija Sévic, Giorgio Salvato, Giuliano Cataldo Giancotti, Giulia Crotti, Riccardo Arzaroli, Giulietta Riva, Daniela Peracchi, Olimpia Zagnoli, Sara Montani, Lara Ilaria Braconi, Alex Urso, Marco Pariani, Carlo Alberto Rastelli, Federica Calzi and Laura Ghigliazza, Atelier dell’Errore, Massimo Uberti, Giovanni Pastori, Zeus!, Matteo Cibic, Alessandro Pongan, Benito Ligotti, Marta Carenzi.

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