Lara Ilaria Braconi, IMMERSIONS

«The paintings seem abstract, but they are not: I start from what I experience, from reality». The young painter from Milan exhibited herself to the public through two large canvases, chosen from a recent production to represent two faces, sky and earth, of the same investigation. They are immersions in nature. The artist does not accept being on the surface and forces painting to accompany her in an investigation into the texture of natural matter, whether it is made of leaves or the dust of clouds. «They have a lot of layers to these paintings, a lot of time, as if they needed a breath of their own. Sometimes I realise they are finished when they have been there for a while. I don’t paint on them any more and I don’t know why, but I haven’t yet decided that they are finished: at a certain point I realise that they are». This is how the painter’s immersive stroke becomes penetrating, violent and persuasive at the same time. Ilaria does not respond to a preconceived intention, but accepts each time to let herself be carried away by the same work of knowledge she has undertaken.

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To Constable, The Clouds, 2016, oil on yuta canvas and fir frame, 170 x 200 cm, private collection

Ambush, 2016, oil on yuta canvas and fir frame, 170 x 200 cm

Posted on: 3 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri