Federica Calzi and Laura Ghigliazza, INTERLUDE

Two young female photographers have taken up the theme of female self-portraiture in a third variation, following Giulia Riva’s story and the maternal relationship expressed in Daniela Peracchi’s performance. It was no coincidence that it was decided to showcase their work, highlighting a feature within the photos themselves. In fact, they are the expression of a real trend, which has greatly influenced fashion photography, and has been influenced by it. The two girls have photographed each other and, to accentuate this system of doubles, their similarity in appearance has intervened, making them almost indistinguishable. The formal beauty of the settings is striking, beautiful in their fascinating decadence. They are botanical gardens, old patrician houses and abandoned industrial architecture, which become not so much a space in which to act as a surface to which to adhere, in an attempt at mimicry, almost of interpenetration we might say, which seems to be the only possible relationship to have with what we love.

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Interlude, 2017, photograph on glass plate

Posted on: 3 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri