Andrea Bianconi
2019 – in progress

Sit Down to Have an Idea is the art project undertaken in 2019 by artist Andrea Bianconi, which is still ongoing.
The inspiration comes from the artist’s studio, where he keeps his “armchair of ideas”. “Every time someone comes to visit me, they want to sit in my armchair thinking they are inspired. So, I said to myself: why not give everyone the chance to sit down, reflect and have an idea?” said the artist. “Having ceased to be an object that encourages idleness, the armchairs I have customised with the slogan “Sit Down to Have an Idea” will become a sort of incubator of ideas for the duration of the event. A chair for everyone is an idea for everyone”.

“I am convinced of the therapeutic function of art. Bringing art into boundless spaces to contaminate them with places and visitors means for me giving strong emotions and ideas that are the oxygen of our existence”. And it is precisely for this reason that Bianconi’s chairs have stopped off at various locations in Italy. After invading the urban spaces of Bologna during Arte Fiera, the cultural spaces of the Teatro Duse and the summit of Cima Carega, Bianconi brought his artist’s chair to the transparent waters of beautiful Tropea.
His journey to the most unexpected and beautiful places in our country brings a profound message of hope and rebirth, of reflection on our future and the ideas we must cultivate for a better world, the need to live in harmony and respect for the planet.

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