Andrea Bianconi
25 October 2020

In Chiampo, the artist’s chair Sit Down To Have An Idea by artist Andrea Bianconi has requalified the area of the Chiampo bell tower, generating a “new point of view”.
The work was permanently placed in the Chiampo square on 25 October 2020, in the presence of the town’s mayor, the mayors of the Upper Valley, the artist and the Durona Team athletes. The event also contributed to raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation.

Requalifying an abandoned area of a city by installing a work of art that gives life to “a new point of view”. The Sit Down To Have An Idea armchair by Andrea Bianconi has become the symbol of the rebirth of the bell tower area in the municipality of Chiampo (Vicenza). On Sunday 25 October 2020, the armchair was carried by the Durona Team athletes under the Campanile area and permanently installed there. 

«This armchair has taken on a meaning of rebirth for an area that was previously degraded. The mayor of Chiampo wanted to redevelop it starting from culture, giving the armchair a place that becomes a new “point of view” for the city, a place from which to look at it differently, through a new perspective». The operation came about thanks to a passing of the baton from the protagonists: in July 2020 Andrea Bianconi donated an armchair to the Durona Team athletes to thank them for having brought the armchair to Monte Carega, which was then destined and permanently placed at the Fraccaroli Refuge. The athletes, in return, donated the armchair to the mayor of Chiampo and now, the mayor donates the armchair to the entire city, raising it to the symbol of the rebirth of an area recovered from degradation and reopened to a new path of visit, discovery and reflection.
«Durona Team’s precious gift to the municipality of Chiampo will give us the opportunity to redevelop a significant place and to give the city a new terrace and a new viewpoint » states Matteo Macilotti, mayor of Chiampo. «Art has this great power, giving new meaning and new identities to forgotten places. My heartfelt thanks go to Durona Team and the artist Andrea Bianconi for this splendid gift not only to the Chiampo community, but to the whole Chiampo valley». 
«In a state of uncertainty such as we are in at the moment» says Bianconi «handing this place back to the citizens in its beauty offers an opportunity to reflect on the future, to have new ideas in the face of a situation in which we are disarmed. Reflection, ideas and beauty help us to move forward and invest in people and in our territory, so that there is always a new perspective and a new point of view». The Sit Down To Have An Idea project, realised in collaboration with Casa Testori and Fondazione Coppola, carries with it the message of environmental protection, of the need to live in harmony and with respect for the planet.

Sit Down To Have An Idea in favour of Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation

Sit Down To Have An Idea is also a humanitarian project: in Chiampo took place the awareness campaign in support of research promoted by Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica (FFC), the main research organisation in Italy on cystic fibrosis, the most widespread serious genetic disease in the country, with an average life expectancy for patients of just over 40 years. Volunteers from the FFC network were present with special stands to offer, in exchange for a donation, bandanas personalised by the artist with the words Sit Down to Have An Idea, the proceeds from which will be entirely donated to the Foundation.

Andrea Bianconi’s limited edition Sitdowntohaveanidea bandanas are available at this link:https://regalisolidali.mondoffc.it/prodotto/bandane-dartista-di-andrea-bianconi/

Posted on: 29 October 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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