Dinosaurs doesn’t only mean scientific or historical discovery, but the opening to a mythical and imaginative world of which the first to be fascinated are the children, but not only…

With the project “Science, music and art: knowing to know. The world of dinosaurs”, realized with the support of Fondazione Comunitaria Nord Milano, the artist Gosia Turzeniecka guides the children of the schools of Novate Milanese to free their imagination and recreate a “Jurassic Park” of color, where among palm leaves and primordial rocks are hidden footprints, eggs, skeletons and dinosaurs in their magnificence. 
Thanks to the precious technical support of Testori S.p.A, producer of industrial felts, the children paint with long bamboo cane brushes, working in groups that alternate on 3 different 4-meter-long canvases: a choral work that reveals how doing together and experimenting beyond the boundaries of one’s own mental project, produces magic.

Magical were the dinosaurs interpreted by four talented musicians led by Captain Occhidolci, who took us through the streets of New York, with a sensory tale between listening and poietics starting from the story of the cartoon “We’re back” by Steven Spielberg. The musicians of the Ensemble Testori sowed terror among the children with frightening trumpet solos, made them dance and laugh, involving them with pieces of classical and rock music.


Casa Testori, in collaboration with Friends of Villa Venino Library and Giovanni Testori Association and thanks to the support of Fondazione Comunitaria Nord Milano, proposes a project that combines science, art and music starting from a fascinating theme for all ages: dinosaurs.

The project stems from the desire of a group of musicians, neuroscience scholars, and mathematics professors, to bring to Novate Milanese, their hometown, an event aimed at the reactivation of the neighborhood, particularly in support of the school in this historic moment of fragility.

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