Curated by Marta Cereda
Casa Testori
2018 – 2021

Casa Testori presents Pocket Pair, a series of exhibitions curated by Marta Cereda that aims to emphasize the laboratory vocation of Casa Testori as an experimental center of cultural production on the territory.
Pocket Pair is a bet: it consists in entrusting the ground floor of Casa Testori to different curators to present a two-person exhibition each.  The idea stems from the expression used in the game of poker, which indicates the situation in which a player has two cards of the same value.
A series of curators are invited to present their proposals and the talents on which they intend to bet.
Alberto Zanchetta, Carlo Sala, Alessandro Castiglioni, Ivan Quaroni, Daniela Persico, Irene Biolchini and Giulia Zorzi: these are the names of the five curators called to put themselves in play in the spaces of Giovanni Testori’s birthplace.

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