Gosia Turzeniecka, born in Poland

A new memory can only enrich, it cannot cancel previous ones. So thinks Gosia Turzeniecka, who brings her childhood home to the interior of Casa Testori. The monumental dimensions of her work contrast with the lightness of her technique, of the liquid colours the artist has used to paint from afar, remaining distant from the work, using a long rod that renders her movements even more fluid. The supporting felt is that produced by Testori Group, a material that determined the construction of Casa Testori and which becomes bricks and cement once again in the coloured building drawn by Gosia Turzeniecka. It is one of the Soviet blocks of flats of her native Poland, on the roofs of which she hid to play while a girl and the balconies of which, nicknamed “boxes”, concealed lives and histories.

Appocundria, Casa Testori, 2019 © Maki Ochoa-39
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Posted on: 12 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri