Saba Masoumian, born in Iran

Two miniature theatres show signs of life that once was. Saba Masoumian’s boxes depict a space in which memories are superimposed on the subconscious, in which symbols, metaphors and allegories predominate to the extent that they become, in some cases, repellent in their excessive cruelty. They portray scenes of man’s abandoning and abandonment, images made truculent by the contrast between elements linked to childhood innocence and references to blood and bodies. Uninhabited rooms, dense with memories, of scraps of life and slices of flesh, rooms waiting to be inhabited once more, or to be forgotten at last.

Appocundria, Casa Testori, 2019 © Maki Ochoa-5
11_Saba Masoumian_Box_ 2016
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Posted on: 12 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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