October 2021

On the occasion of the last month of Curatela, Casa Testori organised Il laboratorio delle 5, a workshop designed for children to bring them closer to the artists on display and their works.
Each appointment included a focus on a single artist (Giorgio Morandi, Fabio Roncato and Alberto Gianfreda), offering a visit to the exhibition followed by a moment of in-depth dialogue and workshop on the work.
In order to broaden the capacity for observation, increase the sense of care for beauty and allow a personal re-appropriation of what has been encountered, each child was given the necessary material to create his or her own artwork, developed on the basis of traces and in continuity of research with what has been observed together.
The work on Giorgio Morandi was developed on the theme of objects, the protagonists of a large part of his works. For Morandi, each sign is a voice, a word that describes the object, and therefore carries with it a tone, an inclination, a depth. 
The children worked on the drawing of the object and on the potential for storytelling that it can offer.
The activity on the work of Fabio Roncato brought us closer to the earth. Indeed, the works of this artist provide an opportunity for an encounter between nature and the artistic project. Like him, we rely on a sculpture that is not always fully “predictable” to investigate the surrounding reality, juxtaposing organic materials, such as earth, with man-made artifices, such as paint, to take home a piece of Casa Testori.
Finally, Alberto Gianfreda takes up the tradition of history and ceramic production in an innovative and unexpected way. Entering his work of destruction and reconstruction of fragments, the children created a new unit ordered by form, colour and intention with the same care that the artist employs in his assemblages.

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Posted on: 9 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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