On the occasion of the last month of CuratelaCasa Testori invited critics and curators capable of generating a public debate to explore the theme addressed by the exhibition: the comparison between contemporary and twentieth-century art and the figure of the critic-curator.
The dialogue was structured in three appointments:

Talk with Emma Zanella and Alessandro Castiglioni
9 October 2021
Emma Zanella is the director of the MA*GA museum in Gallarate.
Alessandro Castiglioni is deputy director and senior curator of the MA*GA museum in Gallarate.
The MA*GA museum has recently hosted the exhibition by the artist Marzia Migliora Lo spettro di Malthus and by Francesco Bertocco Historia, and the same Zanella and Castiglioni are the curators of the current exhibition: Impressionisti. At the origins of modernity.
Watch the meeting (in Italian)

Talk with Demetrio Paparoni
16 October 2021
Demetrio Paparoni is an art critic and independent curator. He recently curated the exhibition L’ultima cena dopo Leonardo at the Fondazione Stelline in Milan and, in 2020, published, together with Arthur Danto, Art and Posthistory: Conversations on the End of Aesthetics.
Watch the meeting (in Italian)

Talk with Eva Fabbris
23 October 2021
Eva Fabbris is an exhibition curator for Fondazione Prada. She is the associate curator of the exhibition Stop painting, currently on show at the Fondazione Prada’s Venice site, and of Project Room, a programme of the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro dedicated to the latest developments in the international art scene.
Watch the meeting (in Italian)

Posted on: 9 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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