«Where else in the world will you find a people so splendidly armed with iron weapons? It will certainly never or rarely be found». 

Bonvesin recounts the elegance of the warriors of Milan, through the meticulous description of their equipment, of the «glitter of weapons, lorics, armour, plates, helmets, iron bracelets, collars, gloves, leggings, femoral and knee pads, iron lances, poles, swords, daggers, clubs, shields».
The quality of the men in combat is expressed in the splendour of the armour, which represents Milan’s superiority on the battlefield: «knights superior to all others not only for nobility of lineage, but for dignity of life and valour in war, as befits such a city». 
Giacomo Bagnara has rendered the swarming of the battlefield, using the expedient of wallpaper to represent the multitude of knights and foot soldiers, while the yellow background makes the context brighter.

Posted on: 28 October 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri