Gesù di Bergamo

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Gesù di Bergamo born in summer 2010, when the guys of Cantieri d’Arte in Viterbo asked me a project for an art book, Drawing a New Memory, where every artist was asked to read back the past, and to reinvent it. It was a long time that i was looking for an opportunity to put an old project down in writing, or the draft of a screenplay for a movie about the finding of Christ’s body.
I remember that still in 2007 I went on purpose at Chi vuole essere Milionario to collect the 300-500.000 euro I needed to start the movie’s production, and actually I was doing pretty well shooting random answers, but then Gerry Scotti made me get wrong the 70.000 euro question. Damn it…
This was the starting idea but then, you know, when you start writing, as Verga said, the novel seems to be written by itself. And so this Gesù di Bergamo came out, half true story and half second reading – summarized and easygoing – of the Gospels, whose events are replaced, just for the occasion, not in Palestine but in the charming Bergamo, proposing a tipical Testori’s modus operandi, who rewrote Hamlet, Macbeth and Oedipus Rex setting them in his dear lands of the milanese region.
The room with the 500 copies of the Gesù di Bergamo – available, for free, for the onlookers – stands as an ideal beginning for the first floor: as it’s known, the religious faith was the founding principle around which the family core of Testori was formed, and from here starts as well a small five rooms cycle, dedicated to it.

Posted on: 22 Giugno 2011, by : Associazione Giovanni Testori