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Casa Testori in Novate Milanese overlooks the railroad tracks next to the family factory. It doesn’t have a front garden that isolates it from the world: the entrance is directly on the street. The house where Giovanni Testori was born has an open door to the city. Sober and rigorous as characteristic of a house of small Lombard industrialists in the early 1900s, Casa Testori has a flicker of imagination in the living room and veranda built in the 1930s. The more than 20 rooms divided on two floors and connected by a central staircase are included between a cellar with red brick barrel vaults and a charming attic. The garden is at the back, with the big magnolia, its roses and its opening – less poetic but more practical and Lombard – towards the Testori factory. Not “Villa” Testori, then, but Casa (“home”) Testori.

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