Andrea Bianconi and Matteo Negri
Curated by Daniele Capra and Luigi Meneghelli
Casa Testori
22 May – 24 July 2016

Andrea Bianconi and Matteo Negri came back to Casa Testori with A doppio senso, 7 years after the first edition of Giorni Felici in 2009. 
Since then they have come a long way, meeting with great success both in Italy and abroad.
The two artists came back to Casa Testori with two extraordinary projects, in terms of commitment and quality. Two ambitious and spectacular works that surprised and fascinated the public with their new languages. Negri and Bianconi did not simply use and occupy the spaces of Casa Testori, they transfigured them.

On the ground floor, Matteo Negri has chosen the rooms overlooking the garden to create installations full of magic, visible from the windows: beautiful fuchsia staircases have allowed visitors to look into the rooms from the outside, to plunge their gaze into off-limits environments.
Lights, mirrors, upside-down gardens and rotating shapes composed a constellation of rooms with elusive perspectives: it was as if boundless horizons had opened in the rooms. Finally, a large iridescent spinning top at the centre of the stairs (the only room that could be visited) dilates the spaces, projecting the lights and reflections of what is outside onto the interior.

Andrea Bianconi, on the other hand, occupied the remaining rooms on the ground and first floors. Since his first exhibition at Casa Testori, the artist has travelled the world, creating performances full of poetry and creativity. Bianconi does not act to provoke but to amaze, to move, to create bonds, even when he investigates the absence of bonds.
In the exhibition, he brought the documentation of ten years of performances, narrated through drawings, photos, memorabilia and above all video material projected on a large scale, which gave the spectator the sensation of living those events live. 
The exhibition also included performances from life by the artist.

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