Room 18

Through upside-down magnifying glasses, two drawings stigmatise the imagery of the “short century”. In a diptych of black Belgian marble, the world’s holy water font, the map of the earth is reflected and flooded with oil, mirroring the ruins of a world that has lost the vertigo of verticality.
Diamante Faraldo

Diamante Faraldo’s works take the form of purified, essential forms: strong presences, the culmination of a path of research through subtraction and absence until they reach the absoluteness of the form, a concentrated, congealed nucleus. They point directly, in a shortened path, towards the unity of the image, towards its absolute character. Faraldo’s forms are born from emptiness, in silence, they are surrounded by it and are nourished by it in their congealed compactness. Proceeding by reductions and subtractions to the pure sign, in the void remain the simulacra, the immaterial aspect of the real. They constitute the elsewhere of the scandal of death. They stand at the threshold between the space of life and that of annihilation.
Eleonora Fiorani

Diamante Faraldo was born in 1962 in Aversa, in the province of Caserta. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and in 1984 held his first solo exhibitions at Castel dell’Ovo in Naples and in Grenoble. In 1986 he moved to Berlin to further his artistic studies and, on his return from Germany, he settled in Milan where he lives and works. In 1991 he exhibited at the Institut Français in Naples, in 1996 at Studio Gennai in Pisa and at Il Cantiere in Venice. In 1998 he held the exhibition Stilleben at the Decidue Arte space in Milan and Contaminazione at the Spazio Mozzilo in Milan. In 2000 he exhibited at Artforum in Merano and at the Fondazione Mudima in Milan. In 2001 he participated in Le Tribù dell’arte at MACRO in Rome and in 2004 he produced Stimmung at Spazio Mudimadue in Milan. In 2006 he had a solo show at the Gianluca Ranzi Gallery in Antwerp and in 2007 at the Nina Lumer Gallery in Milan.

Posted on: 30 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri