Alessandro Verdi, CAREZZE

Room 11

Pink is a colour that has always belonged to me. It is the colour of tenderness as opposed to the colours of brutality. My work always moves between these two poles: delicacy and violence. But while I immediately felt that violence was one of my expressive characteristics, delicacy emerged with maturity. Even as a young man I felt that pink was a colour that belonged to me deeply, but in those years when I used it I always ended up destroying the work, because I felt that I was not yet ready. I didn’t feel I had the lucidity to use it. Today, however, I feel it is an accomplished way of working on the body.
Alessandro Verdi

His works pierce the veil over the throbbing of life and the abysses of despair, bringing to the surface the traces of a distant memory, archetypal and transversal to the generations, recording the tremors of the flesh, its flowering, its degeneration, listening to the murmur of the cycle of nature and participating in the powerful spectacle of the universe, between the loss of Paradise and the recognition of the human.
Gianluca Ranzi

Alessandro Verdi was born in 1960 in Bergamo, where he lives and works. He was discovered by Giovanni Testori who edited the catalogue of his first solo exhibition in 1987 at the Compagnia del Disegno Gallery in Milan, where he returned to exhibit in 1999 and 2005. He has exhibited in 1993 at the Galleria Bellinzona in Milan, in 1998 at the Galerie der KVD in Dachau and at the Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso, in 2000 at Art’s Events Centro d’Arte Contemporanea in Torrecuso, in 2001 at the Fondazione Mudina in Milan, in 2003 at Villa Pomini in Castellana, in 2004 at Officina arte in Magliaro, in 2005 and 2007 at the Mudimadrie Galerie Gianluca Ranzi in Antwerp. In 2008 he held the exhibitions Alessandro Verdi. Il Paradiso Perduto at the Galleria dell’Artistico in Treviso and Alessandro Verdi. Corpo senza Corpo at the Galleria Blu in Milan, which currently represents him. In 2009 he took part in the 53rd edition of the Venice Biennale with the exhibition Alessandro Verdi: navigare l’incertezza held at Campo della Tana.

Posted on: 25 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri