Elena Monzo, EDEN PARTY

Room 8

The origin of a party. Everything is packaged, ready for consumption. The environment itself becomes a box that houses three main works: Self ControlPrincipessa sul piselloVenere & cloni UomoTigre. The figures are static, mute and statuesque, goods in disguise, cloned and framed. The room becomes soft and sweet.
Elena Monzo

Elena Monzo is an observer who absorbs, filters and returns the issues of human life in a hard but at the same time light-hearted way; she creates abortions of harmonic opposites, which she piles up to bring them closer to real experience, made up of events so rapid and exploited that they can be ignored without creating any problems of conscience. The young artist seems to deliberately transport the virtual and television ethos onto the two-dimensional medium, superimposing images that can be enjoyed from afar without translation, or deciphered and understood beyond their decorativism, generating inexplicable swellings of all the hair bases that map our skin. […] If the fall were not part of the human experience, man would have been created with a more solid foundation. Elena Monzo’s art is both tragic and delightful, rendering with critical consciousness the only terrible everyday life we have been given to manage.

Viviana Siviero

Elena Monzo was born in Orzinuovi in the province of Brescia in 1981. She lives between Brescia and Milan. In 2004 she won the Italian Factory Award for young Italian painting and in 2007 she participated in the exhibitions Yourlineneismakingmesowetrightnow.lloveit and Why can’t we all just get along? at the Sara Tecchia Gallery in New York. In the same year he held his first solo exhibition Inside at Galleria Bonelli Contemporary in Los Angeles and Dipendenze at Galleria Traghetto in Rome. In 2008 she held the solo exhibition Nidi di Nodi di Bu at the Galleria Bonelli Arte Contemporanea in Mantua. In 2010 she took part in the (Con)Temporary Art event at Superstudiopiù in Via Tortona, Milan, presenting her latest works in a room entitled Specchio specchio delle mie brame.

Posted on: 23 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri