Camille is the artist’s homage to Claude Monet’s first wife, Camille Doncieux, who died at the early age of thirty-two in 1879. Michela Pomaro imagines that, in the intimacy of that brief relationship, Camille would have been the first witness to the cosmic pulverization of colour that was to mark Monet’s long and extraordinary career. Starting from this intuition, she imagined the work specifically created for this exhibition. Inside six parallelepipeds in Plexiglas, planned with extremely rigorous lines, almost like design objects, she has placed LED lights, each required to create a different visual effect. The boxes comprising the installation have been harmonized with each other, giving rise to a continually mutating chromatic concert. The colour is generated by an inaccessible source and flows into the space, redesigning it. As in much contemporary work, Michela Pomaro breaks free of the specific confines of painting, launching itself into a dimension that nevertheless remains strongly pictorial. Another factor, too, comes into play in the artist’s work – the dialogue between the formal certainty of the containers and the alchemistic, unfathomable and mysterious process taking place inside. The rational solidity of the boxes, which makes conceptual reference to the rectangularity of the canvas, makes more acute, by contrast, the transitory and mutable dimension of the colour.

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Posted on: 16 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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