Era lì da sempre was born while Lucia Veronesi was staying in Norway. The work, created from rocks and materials deriving from industrial processes, consists of elements gathered during numerous walks, of which they record traces and memories, as a sort of random sampling. In the installation – the title of which has a vaguely existential flavour that maybe refers to the state of abandonment of the materials gathered – the artist places light elements, such as textiles, with more massive sculptural parts, created in rock and plaster. Era lì da sempre thus appears to have been made from heterogeneous forms, from rejects (or the less noble elements) of the landscape and the production cycle, pulped and ripped textiles. Veronesi gives new life to these, giving them new meaning as constituent elements of a new landscape. A landscape that is hypothetical, mental and speculative, but nonetheless fascinating and emotionally pregnant. There coexist in the work, therefore, natural components and anthropomorphic material, organic-type needs and the hidden signs of our industrial world, both part of a complex orography that proceeds by suggestion, by fragments, by parataxis, by the addition of subsequent elements. The work, remounted and remodelled according to the layout of the room in Casa Testori, dialogues with the sections of landscape visible from the window, in a continual cross-reference of material, chromatic and geometric fragments.

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Posted on: 16 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri