The works by Renata Boero presented in Libere tutte are part of her series of Cromogrammi. They are exhibited on the veranda, in the environment visually linked to the garden, with which context they establish a strict, intensely poetic dialogue. The canvases are not painted, but are the result of tried and tested processes whereby the colours released by certain selected herbs are made to drip onto the spread out canvases, which the artist then designs and folds, giving rhythm to the surface. The colours run and trip up in the pattern, creating ever-varying material concretions, and so giving rise to continual transformations of the surface. The impact with the sun and air during the drying phase completes the process, also allowing the atmospheric agents to act on the surfaces. The result is works in which nature comes into play, not as a subject to be represented, but as a controlled factor that acts on the making of the work. Time also has a role in the process, in the gradual consolidation of the folds, for example, where it collaborates in the physical and sculptural dimension of the work. The display on the veranda of Casa Testori has also emphasized another feature of these pieces by Renata Boero: the architectural dimension resulting from their verticality. The artist’s own thought comes into play in this vertical tension, since she associates an unexpected upward energy with these natural totems: complete formal identities that have acquired a spatial autonomy of their own.

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Posted on: 15 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri