Non qui and Nebbia are two works created by Nazzarena Poli Maramotti during a residence for artists at Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway in 2019. Her painting has been very much influenced by this place. The interminable days followed by the brief, light Scandinavian nights inspire – and almost impose – a constant vision of majestic and pervasive nature, obsessively constellated by lakes, fjords, waterfalls and rain. The artist has a long acquaintance with northern lights, having lived in Nuremburg for many years, and this familiarity has probably freed her painting from the need for precise formal definition. The result is that characteristically fluid, atmospheric nature we recognize in the two works, of very different dimensions, exhibited at Casa Testori. In Non qui, we witness something like a struggle between the damp omnipresence pervading the canvas and the Tiepolo-like sky blue that forces its presence and finally breaks through with great intensity. This struggle, in truth, becomes for Poli Maramotti an excuse to make the pictorial field the real subject of her painting. Here she can exercise the full potential of painting itself, in a series of contrasts and continual stylistic fractures. In Nebbia, the gentler paintwork, almost like a homogenous and muffled light, gives way in the upper part to a thin band of tormented painting – like a tiny drama within the pictorial event, strongly negating any possible naturalistic interpretation of the work.

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Posted on: 15 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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