Jacopo Rinaldi 

In Casa Testori Jacopo Rinaldi reconstructs an installation created in Salento in 2016, designed for the railway line between Lecce and Gagliano del Capo. The artist had replaced the curtains in one carriage of the train with fabrics printed with frames of a short video filmed in 1935 from a Littorina, a motor coach created during the fascist years which came to be synonymous with “train” in Italian popular culture. As the artist writes, “the cars [of the Lecce and Gagliano del Capo line] are very small and have 16 or 17 windows, exactly the number of frames per second the human eye needs to see in order to perceive fluid motion. And so I wanted to print on the curtains of these windows 16 or 17 frames of a video about Africa from Istituto Luce. The video, made for a newsreel, was filmed from a train during the inauguration of the Oltremare Pugliese railway. The idea was intermittency between the fixed image of a video, which is actually in motion, and an image which would be fixed only if the train were not in motion. The result was an intermittent palimpsest comparing different times: closed curtains stationary in the past, open curtains moving in the present”. In this installation for Casa Testori, Rinaldi installs the curtains taken from the train so that they interact with the video from Istituto Luce, creating a new interval between past and present, this time in dialogue with the other rooms in the home and with wider-ranging reflection on the relationship between image and reality that is the theme of the exhibition as a whole.

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Posted on: 15 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri