Jacopo Rinaldi 

One of the most complex works Rinaldi has produced over the years focused on Harald Szeemann and his archive, starting with a documentary the artist made in 2014 at the former Szeemann Archive, Fabbrica Rosa, in Maggia, in Switzerland’s Canton Ticino, when it was being emptied and moved to the USA. This inspired the artist to begin reflecting on the relationships between space, curatorial work and the dynamics of projecting the research methodologies of the most important curator of the twentieth century onto the place where he studied and worked. This beginning has led to a series of editorial, graphic, video and photographic works; the exhibition presents a site-specific installation intended to suggest a hypothetical dialogue between Testori and Szeemann. For while the exhibition opens with Alessandra Ferrini’s reflection on Morelli and Longhi’s recognition method, it closes with an intuitive opening up toward the methods and systems of relation and production characterising Szeemann’s contemporary art so far. An entanglement of glimpses and methods which, in the end, affords a new key to interpretation of the entire exhibition project.

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Posted on: 15 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri