Giorgia Severi’s research is directed towards the environment and the way in which it interacts geologically, biologically, culturally and emotively with man. In particular, her work investigates the precarious and fragile condition of the landscape as well as the ongoing sudden changes caused by the devastating anthropic presence, which has reshaped every corner of the earth to conform to its own needs. About the creation (Rocca Pendice, parete Messner) is a “frottage” of a mountain face made with charcoal directly on a tapestry surface in the Euganean Hills, an area especially exposed to phenomena of erosion caused by climate change. The work is an imprint of a small area of the mountain, a cast that silently evokes its presence, unmeasurable age and gigantic extension, which seem enormous compared with the presence of a single man witnessing them as an observer. But it is also a technical device that measures bidimensionally a transitory state of the landscape, a precarious and fleeting form that is destined to change, alter, erode or dissolve – exactly as a photographic image testifies to a past moment that can never come again with the same features. The tapestry therefore proves a sampling of a precise moment that not only conserves a hint of how things were, but metaphorically shows what it is that we want to protect from advancing time and the havoc wrought by man.

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Posted on: 15 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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