Davide Baroggi, FOUR SEASONS

The windows of a house in Piazza Moles were occupied by the creative imagination of Davide Baroggi. His energy could not stay within the walls, it pressed outwards until it got stuck in the only four openings from which it was possible to exit. They lit up with the acid, unreal colours of Baroggi, who outlined his Four Seasons with a thick black line and an instinctive, expressionist chromatism. These are different contexts in which the artist has inserted an animal, not always immediately identifiable, a symbol that sums up without any mediation his vision of a period of the year and of life.

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Four Seasons, 2016, mixed media on canvas
Spring, 99×88 cm
Autumn, 145×86 cm
Winter, 155×87 cm
Summer, 161×87 cm

Posted on: 2 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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