Adriana Albertini, ATOMIC NUMBER 29 – VERDIGRIS

Maybe there was a greengrocer here. Adriana Albertini could not have known, but she decided to revive these long-closed premises, restoring them to their former possible use. 
The pile of glazed ceramic boxes collected the stories that took place here. The laths that followed one another with emptiness certainly knocked some memories away, only the bulkier ones could be stored in the ceramist’s Emotion containers, which turn green, blue and black through the copper oxide she uses to glaze them. The dialogue between inside and outside included the Abstract trees, a synthesis of the concentric rings that are counted to recognise the age of the conifers that cover the mountains around Edolo, just outside what could have been a fruit shop.

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Emotion containers, in production since 2011, ceramic, variable dimensions
Abstract trees, in production since 2008, ceramic, variable dimension

Posted on: 2 November 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri