TICTIG. The marvellous Milan of Bonvesin de la Riva closed with a balance of more than 5,000 visitors, 10 workshops held during the exhibition period and more than 1,500 children from local schools. 
The exhibition saw 40 illustrators in action, including those directly involved in the exhibition and those involved in the workshops. 
Finally, the last number that gives an idea of the interest aroused by the exhibition is the number of copies sold of Bonvesin’s book: having sold out all the copies of the previous edition, Bompiani reprinted the volume in a new economical edition.
These are the numbers that tell of the success of an exhibition, new in format and able to meet the taste and interest of a very transversal public. Consensus also on social media: 347 photos were posted on Instagram with the hastag #tictig by ordinary visitors.
Important presences enlivened the days of the exhibition, from the master Gualtiero Marchesi, with his marasca cherry gelato, to Alessandro Mendini, design genius accompanied by the no less creative Fabio Novembre, who met the young illustrators.
As Francesca Bonazzoli wrote in Corriere della Sera, this exhibition «is an alchemy that can only be achieved by the Casa Testori team, which for five years has been churning out one exhibition project that is more formidable than the next, so much so that it is in the suburban house with garden that was once owned by Giovanni Testori that the most innovative exhibitions of public and private art programming in Milan are produced».

Download the press release of the exhibition

Posted on: 29 October 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri