Bonvesin de la Riva act two. Following numerous requests, Casa Testori has reopened the doors of the exhibition on Bonvesin de la Riva. Requests coming from the public and, in particular, from schools, who saw in the exhibition an opportunity to work, in an original way, on the themes launched by Expo 2015.
TICTIG reopened on 22 May 2015, for another two months, but in a renewed version. 
The first of all the novelties was the presence of two large sculptures designed by Olimpia Zagnoli, a leading illustrator on the Italian and international scene, a leading figure in the New York TimesThe New YorkerTIMELa RepubblicaMarie ClaireNew York MagazineRolling Stone and Monocle.
The sculptures, displayed in the garden of the House, were a further tribute to Bonvesin’s Milan, a city of zero kilometre where even pears and apples had found suitable soil to grow. 
Olimpia Zagnoli’s presence completed the panel of all the illustrators involved in this original project proposed by Casa Testori: to make a fascinating book written over seven centuries ago current and engaging.
Other great novelties were present in the exhibition bookshop: from the posters of the knights by Giacomo Bagnara to the large map of Milan by Davide Mottes, as well as the bag designed by Francesco Poroli.

Posted on: 29 October 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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