Curated by Federica Nurchis (Bergamo, 1984), University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano)

Alberto Martini (1931-1965): the short and compelling story of an art critic who died at the age of 34 but was responsible for a cultural revolution. In a 1960s setting, the outcome of the “fatal” meeting between Martini and Dino Fabbri (1922-2001) was staged, which gave rise to the issues of I Maestri del Colore, which made art history a “mass” phenomenon, no longer reserved for a cultured elite, but distributed at newsstands, without sacrificing a high scientific level and an extraordinary ad hoc colour photographic apparatus. The exhibition included original documents from Martini’s archive and a selection of drawings, engravings, sculptures and paintings by his artist friends (Ottone Rosai, Mino Maccari, Renato Guttuso, Carlo Carrà, Gianfranco Ferroni, Emilio Tadini, Luciano Minguzzi, Mattia Moreni…), as well as an extremely rare oil painting attributed by Martini to Medardo Rosso and letters, unpublished essays, original drawings and photographs that illustrate the friendship between Alberto Martini, Giorgio Morandi and Alberto Giacometti.

Posted on: 29 October 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri