Bonvesin handed down the exploits of some characters who made Milan great. Among them, a particular figure has ample space, that of Uberto della Croce, famous for his strength: «He had as much strength as the whole world whose strength has never found its equal in the world, neither then nor later, if it could be found in any man». 
Our author does not limit himself to this and reports the exploits of this extraordinary man, who – he said – stopped running horses with his arms, ate thirty-two eggs in a single meal and, although held down with a rope by twelve men, was able to move freely. Uberto della Croce is not only a model of physical virtue, but also of moral virtue, since «he rarely displayed his strength in public without a specific reason; never is it said that, taking advantage of his strength, he outraged others; he was courteous to all».

Sarah Mazzetti has transformed the giant into a pillar of Casa Testori, with a brut stroke and primary colours that emphasise its size.

Posted on: 28 October 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri