Room 4

«The Room is an exploration of my personal geography, it is a journey through my mind. It is the traffic light in my mind, the law we all have to obey, the bird above my head. I use hundreds of arrow birds in flight, of fabric, paper and wire mesh, between freedom and constraint, to take me and you somewhere unknown. Continuous superimpositions, constructions and deconstructions. I imagine my brain, claustrophobic and complex, as a big aviary… I would dance for hours in this room.»
Andrea Bianconi

«If you get to know him, the first thing you’ll notice is that Andrea Bianconi is a cheerful, enthusiastic person who always laughs and smiles, even though the dictators of this world always end up being re-elected and the enemy seems to be taking over the world. Ever since he has been talked about in major Italian newspapers or on television stations, he has become a mass media star. His obsession is the viewer and his gaze. His greatest fear is the invasion of privacy and the personal sphere. Andrea Bianconi wants to express himself, his desires, needs and fears. In this sense, he plays the role of the jester, uses art as a mirror of society (entertainment and the control mania) and raises, as if he were a philosopher, existential dilemmas (where we come from, what we are doing in this world and where we are headed). Nevertheless, he does not provide any answers, but acts as a creator who uses lenses and, at the same time, the interactive viewer to breathe life into his sculptures.»
Oliver Tschirky


Andrea Bianconi was born in Arzignano in the province of Vicenza in 1974. He lives and works in New York. He studied law at the University of Bologna, and at the same time began to paint and learn various artistic techniques in specialised workshops. His personal style, characterised by hyper-decorated surfaces with a naïve or kitsch taste, is well represented by the Spyetors sculptures, irreverent containers of privacy, to which the exhibitions Italian Secret Service in 2004 at Spazio Obraz in Milan and Body Guard in 2005 in Arezzo at Galleria Furini were dedicated. In 2007 he made his US debut at the Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston (Texas) with the exhibition Pony Express curated by Oliver Tschirky. The following year he held Mapping maps at the same gallery and, at the Kiton space in New York, the exhibition Bond – There is a map in my mind and the way has no limits.

Posted on: 28 October 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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