Roberta Maddalena, OF FISH AND SHRIMPS

Just as water is so important in Bonvesin’s narrative, so are fish: «And note, if you will, the admirable statement I make at this point: if a new lake were to form somewhere in our territory, containing new water, the natural fertility of our waters and land is so great that by itself, in a short space of time, it would generate many fish».

Roberta Maddalena interpreted the theme by creating an immersive environment, isolated from the rest of the exhibition. Visitors found themselves projected into another dimension, underwater or in a uterine space. The different depths of the water were rendered through the greater or lesser definition of the fish drawn on the walls, which faithfully reproduced the ichthyofauna of Milan’s rivers, while the audio was realised through the recording of Maddalena’s voice (with Paolo Gozzetti, Murmur Collective).

Posted on: 28 October 2021, by : Alessandro Ulleri
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